Since 1970, Mayor McCheese has led McDonaldland and its citizens to immense prosperity. This year, Mayor McCheese is once again up for re-election, and he is, once again, running unopposed. In his seventh term as mayor, McCheese promises to lower taxes and ensure that no Fry Guy is Left Behind.

During his last term, McCheese took a strong stance against crime, finally sending the Hamburglar to Playprison for life as part of his 4,736 Strikes program. With criminals like the Hamburglar off the street, McDonaldland has once again become a place where families can ingest untold amounts of fat and cholesterol with no fear of violence or terrorism.
Mayor McCheese is a hands on administrator. He is a uniter, not a divider. He has also been responsible for funding programs like "No Great Shakes" which has helped milkshake fiends like Grimace come to terms with their addiction and begin to seek the help they so desperately crave.
Mayor McCheese has been a firm supporter of strengthening diplomatic ties to surrounding principalities, such as the Burger Kingdom. Together with the Burger King, McCheese has been a leader in the fight against terrorism. McCheese agrees with most McDonaldland citizens that terrorism is a problem that must be faced in the years to come. McNuggets are good. Terrorism is Evil.
The McCheese campaign does not usually stoop so low as to respond to the negative ads released by its enemies. However, many implications have been made concerning the controversial photograph of the good Mayor carrying a Wendy's Frosty. The Mayor would like to make it clear that he cares for all of his children, with his heart and with his wallet. Any reports of late payments are completely false and slanderous. He wishes Wendy the best in her future pursuits.

We know you have a choice this November. Choose carefully. Choose Cheese. McCheese.

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