Complete Map of Middle-earth

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"Alas! If some power passes from you to a thing that you have made, then you must take a share in its hurts."
-JRRT, The Faithful Stone

This map, first taken on by Chris Taylor and now by Chris Guerette, is intended to eventually be a definitive resource for Tolkien fans worldwide.

Working within the beautiful confines of Chris Taylor's physical representation of Middle-earth, I have tried to present and accurate and logical political representation of the lands. Font sizes have not been chosen at random, but rather in a manner representative of the magnitude of the thing being represented. Also, Angmar and the Realm of Arnor (and its three kingdoms) have been included in lightly shaded text to avoid confusion concerning overlaps.

I consider this map a work in progress. If you have any questions or corrections concerning the map, please e-mail me at

*Update 01/06/03* Many more corrections have been made, rendering all other versions obsolete. This version should not require any fonts for the best print quality. Although it should print on any size paper you throw at it, I strongly suggest using Tabloid (11x17) paper, and selecting "Fit to Page" in your Acrobat Reader settings. I cannot stress how much better this map looks when printed on a laser printer when compared to an inkjet print or the onscreen version. If you go down to Kinko's you can print this in poster size without any loss of quality. (Please don't sell these prints for profit unless you want to send me half of said profit!)
*Update 03/25/03* I was able to decrease the size of the file greatly while making the screen version look better. I can't believe I didn't try this before.
*Update 11/29/04* This map is for the personal use of anyone who comes across it. I give permission to print this map to anyone who takes the time to download the map. I have suggested you go to your local printer and print poster size prints for your own personal or educational use. Feel free to use this map in your classroom.

"I am the webmaster of this internet site that has the 506 KB map of Middle-earth with the annotations of source information in the upper right hand corner and ANYONE has permission to print a copy of the file image for personal use."
-Christopher Guerette

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