Here, we see the pharoah Rapankhamun. has risen from his tomb and tried to crash the Halloween party. A Viking woman attempts to slay him, but he's already dead. Instead, they decide to go out pillaging together.

The pain train is coming, baby! Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, don't want that weak stuff up in this humpy-bumpy, and neither does his cheerleader. Check out her booty. I mean, "boo tee."

Lady Kier and Jungle DJ Kowa Kowa of Deee-Lite showed up at the party, but refused to perform, despite Papa's insistence that he was the REAL Bootsie Collins.

A twisted Alice in Wonderland, her frock covered in rabbit's blood, came through the looking glass and held our innocent faerie hostage. We were able to negotiate, and Alice took the Red Bull instead of the faerie. Red Bull, they say, gives you wings.

Spring Break! Our resident beach bum has decided to buddy up with the naughtiest little schoolgirl at the party. It looks like Lady Kier and the faerie are just a little jealous of that big slut.

In the end, everyone got along nicely. Terry Tate cleaned house during the Soul Calibur II tournament and took away a statuette of the character Nightmare. Twisted Alice won the costume contest and Night of the Living Dead DVD, since she threatened to disembowel anyone who didn't vote for her. (Rapankhamun quipped that he had already been disemboweled, so she smashed his canopic jars.) Happy Halloween!