Look who's back! To celebrate the tenth anniversary of his exhumation, Rapankhamun has returned to exact revenge on all those who didn't vote for him the first time. Unfortunately, as he was mostly straw at this point, he was not eligible for nomination as Pragmatombeter Cup champion!

He also brought some moveable hieroglyphic type and his canopic gourds.

Speaking of exhumation, refreshment at the party included this caketery. It's like a regular pastry, interred with the bones of a thousand restless souls. You can get them at Dunkin' Donuts, where they're called "French Crullers."

Despite the many warnings posted, many guests decided to venture into the Cavy Cave. There was even a brave rabbit who decided to try her luck. While no one claims to have seen anything untoward occurring, many whitened husks of carrots were littered about the room by the end of the evening.

Now, meet your GHOSTS, Walker "Texas Ranger" and "Yogi" Bear. Get it? They're just PUNS in the game of life. Of course, they were the DEATH of the party. I should stop, though. Rapankhamun is looking at me disapprovingly. He thinks I'm getting too WRAPPED up in this word play. ACK! Now he's threatening to call on a storm of epic proportions if I don't stop.

You know who actually enjoys a good turn of phrase? The Cheshire Cat! Here he is with Red Fraggle, who was looking for some philosophical guidance. We also caught her looking for advice from our compost heap. She didn't even find a radish. (Seriously, radishes are poison.)

Also avoiding radishes because they're just too inexpensive were our Supermarket Sweep Contestants. Of course, they had to run their Big Sweep at the height of preparation for an oncoming hurricane, so high ticket items like batteries and diapers were all sold out. They were stuck with bananas and cereal.

Islands in the stream are what they claimed to be, but I think they were just looking for high ground along the hurricane threatened shoreline. No matter their claim, their vocal chops convinced us they were Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. We're not exactly talent scouts, however.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk finally accepted an invitation to Pragmatombeter. It turns out, no matter where he goes, cling-ons are sure to follow. Of course, it doesn't look like he has any problem with a little Static Cling.

Straight from the silver screen, this year's party also featured a Black and White Actress. You can see her here with someone old enough to remember her debut. Or maybe someone who had been scared prematurely white. Or... I don't know. She was wearing a wig.

Good grief! There were simply scads of Peanuts characters at Pragmatombeter this year. Of course, Snoopy and Woodstock were very happy to be there, but our two Charlie Browns were less... enthusiastic. At least they came in different... outfits?

After all of the votes were cast, two winners clearly shone above the rest. Kenny celebrated by treating the rest of us to a bucket of his famous chicken. Dolly is clearly a fan of the breasts... Happy Halloween!