This year, the Pragmatombeter Halloween Party was once again hosted by some new blood. Well, Sarah from the movie Labyrinth had co-hosted before, but now her baby brother Toby just wouldn't stop crying tonight, so she asked Jareth, the Goblin King for a little help. He was up to the task, so we were well on our way to a successful party... until he whisked the baby away to his castle beyond the Goblin City.

Meanwhile, your other hosts had a whole other mess on their plate. Anna's sister was having some sort of mental breakdown and ran off, so she called on her best friend Olaf, a clumsy little snowman, as well an ice harvester, Kristoff, who seemed to know his way around the area. I think they make a cute little team!

In their search for their missing siblings, Sarah and Anna enlisted the help of intergalactic mercenary Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord. While he usually ends up making the most moral decisions, he's always got an Angel and a little Devil giving their two cents. "Help them find their brother and sister," says the Angel. "Help me get a Twix bar!" says the Devil.

Even the incantations of a Witch don't help us find the missing duo. Instead, she [?] only managed to conjure up a tiny vampire. Anna said tiny vampires were so 20 years ago, and the search continued.

As always there was lots of great food at the party, even if it had turned into a search party. This Chef was surely responsible for some of the fare. The Doctor we called in didn't think everything was as it should be with the Chef, however. Perhaps our problems were all in our heads, and if we wanted to find our missing persons, all it would require was an act of pure love.

Love? Well, we found some people who were just full of love! Our New Wave Girl loves the 80's. Someone else is just the biggest Ceiling Fan we'd ever heard of, and Cersei Lannister, well, she loves drinking, power and her brother.

In the end, Jareth was happy to hand Toby over to Sarah after just a few minutes and Anna's sister called to tell us she'd just gone upstate for a while to get her head together. Everyone voted, and decided the hosts should all share the Pragmatombeter Cup this year. They also decided this use of the traditional baby head was just a bit creepier than usual. Happy Halloween!