For its thirteenth celebration, the Pragmatombeter Halloween Party returned to the scene of last year's crime. Speaking of returns, Obi-Wan Kenobi showed up after a ten year absence to help co-host. Apparently, he ran into some trouble near Alderaan and is now more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Or, that's how he tells it. We just saw a ghost. He brought Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok along for the party. Apparently these three hit it off at a celebration on a moon called Endor, and have been riding a constant party wave ever since. Except during nap time.

"Oh, no, I'm late!" cried the White Rabbit. "Don't worry," soothed co-hosts Alice and The Mad Hatter, "there's plenty of seven layer dip for all." Alice must have had a very relaxing 12 years in Wonderland, as she seemed in much better spirits than last time we met. Of course, anything is an upgrade from faericidal.

We never got to find out for certain who would win in the classic matchup of Polar Bear versus Shark. However, we do know that whatever the outcome of the main event, the poor Penguin will always lose. Every. Single. Time.

Someone left a bunch of stuffed animals lying on the couch. Oh, wait! Those are guests. My Buddy and Kid Sister tried to keep it old school, but Winnie the Pooh and Tigger said they wouldn't know old school if they fell down a hole and landed on it. Princess Leia laughed and laughed, while everyone else smiled politely. Then Pooh saw some "hunny" and it was all over.

After that, the old school showed up in force. Sir Henry the Knight arrived, to much fanfare, upon his loyal Steed and pursued by a Dragon. A local Huntswoman also arrived just in the nick of time, and together they fought the dragon for hours on end. This is the only photograph we have, however. Most of us were elbow deep in meatballs, candy bars or hunny, and didn't manage any other shots. You'll have to take our word for it: it was glorious.

Then, sailing high above the full moon, came E.T. and Elliot. Bemoaning our lack of Reese's Pieces (but applauding our Star Wars product placement) they called for a vote. E.T., Sir Henry and the White Rabbit shared the honors and raised the Pragmatombeter Cup in victory. Well, not the White Rabbit. It turns out he was just late for bed and had already fallen asleep by that point. Finally, E.T. and Obi-Wan regaled the guests with tales from the Galactic Senate until everyone else fell asleep. Until next year, Happy Halloween!