Your host Cosmo the Fairy presents the second Pragmatombeter Halloween Party from the spooky confines of Camp Llehotemoclew.

And here's what Cosmo usually looks like for those of you who had no idea who he was.

Meow? Catwoman gets frisky, while our resident Yankee Fan can't even watch her team both suck and blow in the most important games of the season.

Phinneas T. Carruthers, everyone's favorite roaring twenties athlete, demonstrates how hard it can be to stay on the ball.

This is Tiki. All your virgins are belong to me.

Rosie the Riveter reminds you to vote this Tuesday. That's all. Nothing funny here.

Hot. Paris Hilton wonders how the fuck she got stuck at this lame ass party. Wait? Did those wops bring shrooms? Hot. Mod girl totally scores coke for Paris.

Three thousand years ago, the gods gave the people wine. One thousand years ago, bar wenches refined the art of spilling beer on your jerkin. Now, we drink Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade.

"Why yes. I do require the services of a lumberjack!"

It's a me, Mario! And then, whatever Luigi says. The Mario Brothers took this year's prize for the best costume. And they also totally sold Paris Hilton a bunch of Mushrooms. All in all, they made out pretty well.