It's Halloween again, and that means more pumpkins! Not pictured: Clyde.

We all knew it was going to be a swingin' party when a Playboy Bunny showed up. However, we didn't know Hugh Hefner was going to have to choke a bitch when our resident Pimp tried to lay the mack down on his favorite girl. Poor pimp: bitch-slapped by an old man.

Don't call the kids in from the other room yet! It's that scarlet woman of most ill repute, Hester Prynne, pictured here with a randy Pirate Wench. Sailors were lining up down the block. It was a mess.

Jamie Hyneman and fellow Mythbuster Adam Savage showed up to test the myth: A three-bedroom house can be built without using a single right angle. And the verdict was: Myth Confirmed!

From the not-so-distant, dystopian future, it's the defender of the bird, Robo-Bitch! Beep-boop-beep! Oh no she di'n't! Marty McFly doesn't mind her insults, though. Unless, of course, you call him a Robot Chicken.

The Kryptonians Ursa, Zod and Non showed up and tried to force the party goers to kneel before them. That just earned them a one-way ticket to the Phantom Zone.

Before this party, Superman had never been filmed with such a strong female character as She-Ra. When She-Ra won the Pragmatombeter Cup, however, an embarassed Superman disappeared to his Fortress of Solitude, which is, I believe, somewhere in Maine...

... but not before being roughed up by perennial sore losers, the Kryptonian Criminals! Never before has someone knelt before Zod with such glee. The scarecrow says he saw nothing. Happy Halloween!