Come on in and have a spooky seat and a gooey treat. It's Pragmatombeter time!

My Jaws O'Lantern snacking on an unfortunate swimmer, Gourdon.

Here's your host, the Gnome (not David, per se, but based on the same books) along with her Imperial Majesty Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Paravel, Empress of the Lone Islands, etc. Hopefully she won't be enslaving him as a sledge driver anytime soon. Polar teddy bear stole provided by Sarah Palin.

Picture it: Hamden, 2008. Golden Girls Rose, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche dig into a nice big cheesecake. Rose should watch where she's cutting!

I can't understand it, I know they planned it. I'm gonna set it straight: here are Nathan Wind as Cochese, Vic Colfari as Bobby, "The Rookie" and Alasandro Alegré as "The Chief" from the faux-show "Sabatoge." Not pictured: Sir Stewart Wallace.

Here we've got a Bad-ass Biker, a Bad-tempered McEnroe and a Badly-prune-handed Bather. Hey, I tried.

The cast of The Princess Bride had fun storming the party. Pictured are a bespectacled Westley, the Princess Buttercup and the Spaniard, Inigo Montoya who spent the whole evening looking for a six-layered dip that apparently killed his father. The dip was found and was soon prepared to be eaten.

Sandwiching our bearded Russian Mail-order Bride (forgive me, any Russian friends who may be still keeping up with my website), are a West Berliner and her own bit of Human Air-mail. There may have been more details, but the Gnomish mind wanders after many ales.

In a repeat performance, our guest Edward Scissorhands precariously brought home the Pragmatombeter Cup. Vincent Van Gogh showed up in once piece, but after posing for a few shots with the cup-winner, he never heard from (that ear) again. Happy Halloween!