Remember those creepy pictures where a profile of a little kid looking scared for his life is superimpossed with dissolved edges over an image of the same kid smiling innocently in a chair? This is scarier than that. It's Pragmatombeter SE7EN!

Here he comes now, your host, Heat Miser, with his step brother, Snow Miser. Since Mr. Green Christmas himself hosted the party, you knew it would be a warm Halloween! (And when you see the majority of the guests, you'll see that most of them thought Mr. Icicle over there would rule the day!)

Their mother, Mother Nature, that is, showed up to make sure there wasn't any trouble. She brought Father Time along for the ride. We're not really sure if he's one of their fathers. That Mother Nature is in and out of town like the seasons!

Willy Wonka ventured out of his chocolate factory, bringing treats for all the guests. We asked Green Man to pose for a picture with him, but it turns out he was a bit intimidated by the chocolate magnate, and soon resorted to schoolyard violence.

Doctors were called to the scene. McSqueamish prescribed bed rest with three elderly folks while the other Doctor billed us for tests, lab fees, labor, travel, snacks along the way, time, effort, mistakes made and booze.

This year a Crazy Cat Lady showed up and brought her nephew, Ralphie. No, you can't have a cat, Ralphie, it'll scratch your eye out.

Max was made King of all Wild Things, and awarded the Pragmatombeter Cup. Actually, Bernard won, but since we was part of Max's imagination, we thought it best to award the Cup to both of them and avoid any tantrums. No one was sent to bed without Cheesy Blasters. Happy Halloween!