Why is the mustachioed green pig so frightened? Is he afraid that a group of angry birds have followed the trail of their stolen eggs back to his hastily prepared shelter? No! It's Pragmatombeter 9, the Nightmare Before X!

These two guests received mysterious invites from a Mr. Boddy, who told them to arrive on Saturday night. Not wanting to risk travel in that night's October snowstorm, Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum decided to stop by on Sunday, instead. You have no Clue how lucky they were to show up at a Pragmatombeter party!

Guests who received normal invitations included the Pink Power Ranger and Starbuck. The two bonded over their shared hatred of what they called "Space Trash."

Look out, Doctor Jones! Indiana Jones survived many traps and pitfalls to reach this Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, but it looks like taking the idol has triggered one final trap. Beware the Exercise Ball of Doom!

Also avoiding all the pitfalls and black ice to attend the party were Mahna Mahna and a Snowth. We all knew that the Snowths got their name from their snout-like mouths, but when they showed up along with a bunch of actual snow, we had to check Wikipedia.

"Trial by stone! Trial by stone," cried SkekSil as he arrived with a Mystic, and heard that the Pragmatombeter Cup was to be contested. Silly Skeksis, the Cup is awarded after a trial by vote!

There he is! And there she is! It's Waldo and Wenda straight from their most recent vacation together to the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest. Don't ask to see the slides, trust me.

Ready for a challenge? Click on the postcard to see if you can find Waldo and Wenda at the party. Also, click on any other photo to see a high resolution version!

Here, we see Maybeline Almay Sanchez and her Mom. Maybeline and her mom must have thought that the Pragmatombeter Cup was the top prize in a toddler pageant. When they learned otherwise, Mom urged her daughter to "earn her love" and win it anyway.

"I wish I had a brain," said The Scarecrow. " Wish? Did somebody say 'Wish'?" asked Jambi, the Genie. "Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho!" And suddenly there was Mr. Burns channelling Howard Hughes and forcing us all to take a ride in his tiny wooden plane, the Spruce Moose. "Plane? I said 'brain'!" cried The Scarecrow.

In the end, no one was shot, candlesticked or crushed by a rolling ball. Our urSkeks visitors from the world of the Dark Crystal took the Pragmatombeter Cup. No podlings were harmed during the party. Happy Halloween!